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Overland Storage

Overland Storage

SnapScale™ – Clustered NAS Storage

The SnapScale™ Series from Overland Storage® is a clustered NAS solution that solves the problems of traditional storage by enabling organizations with rapid or unpredictable data growth to scale capacity and performance in nitely without adding management complexity.

Built on Overland Storage RAINcloud™ OS technology, SnapScale eliminates islands of storage, enabling easy and affordable scaling without having to predict capacity in advance. Offering user selectable levels of data redundancy, SnapScale writes data across multiple nodes and drives simultaneously for instant protection and high availability. The SnapScale hardware architecture and “single pane of glass” management creates a consistent user experience while both managing the existing global namespace and scaling storage as needed, without additional layers of administration.


Infinite Scalability

Let SnapScale grow with your data. Scale storage by populating available drive-bays within individual nodes or add additional nodes to increase capacity and improve performance by spreading the workload across the cluster. SnapScale will add any additional capacity from new nodes or drives automatically, ensuring proper con guration and load balancing for optimal performance. SnapScale also provides an intuitive, browser-based interface to manage an entire cluster from a single pane of glass, regardless of capacity.

Global Namespace

Reduce the amount of infrastructure required and prevent islands of storage from forming on your network by consolidating  le storage with SnapScale. Whether managing small amounts of storage or petabytes of storage, the management of the SnapScale global namespace remains a simple and consistent experience. Increase the size of your SnapScale global namespace as needed, saving time and reducing capital costs by preventing the over purchasing of storage capacity. Create storage volumes without limits in the global namespace to eliminate the need for manual provisioning or manually control volume usage by creating adjustable quotas for different network applications or departments.

Unified Storage

Consolidate your storage by hosting both block and  le level data on your SnapScale clustered NAS system. Utilize common networking protocols such as SMB, NFS, HTTP or FTP for  le sharing, collaboration and backup, and host database storage and virtualized servers on SnapScale iSCSI LUNs simultaneously.

Intelligent Clustering

Optimize disk utilization and performance in real-time with SnapScale Intelligent Clustering Technology. The SnapScale system monitors and recommends changes to settings to make sure cluster performance and data protection are optimal. Maximize node incorporation by distributing  les evenly using the Data Balancer and make sure performance is spread ef ciently between nodes and hard drives. Using the File-level Striping feature, data is striped between drive sets on different nodes making room for large database or virtualization files and increases performance cluster-wide. With the Spare Distributor, hot spares are always located in the best possible locations in order to maximize data protection throughout the cluster.

High Performance

Traditional storage is limited in performance by the  xed amount of network bandwidth in the single head unit architecture, which leads to congestion and throughput bottlenecks as user base grows. With SnapScale, network bottlenecks are no longer a problem because adding new nodes not only increases the usable storage in the global namespace, but increases aggregate performance across the network by balancing user connections and spreading data out across the cluster.

High Availability

Standalone NAS has many single points of failure. Data loss or interruption can occur if any crucial hardware or software components fail, even when protected by proven RAID technologies. Unlike RAID however, SnapScale is designed to protect data by tolerating not only the failure of multiple drives, but even the failure of entire nodes with no downtime or of ine rebuilding. Utilizing two selectable levels of data redundancy, SnapScale nodes create identical copies of  les automatically when data is written to the global namespace, making node or drive failure completely transparent to the storage user or network application, by maintaining data availability.


Rebuilding data from a failed drive in a traditional RAID architecture to a hot spare can take hours or days due to the block-for-block drive rebuild process, regardless of the amount of actual data that existed on the failed drive. Conversely with the SnapScale, a drive rebuild restores only the data portion of the failed drive the hot spare. This advanced design delivers a much faster rebuild coupled with a signi cant reduction in time-to-high availability, leaving businesses less susceptible to data loss during the vulnerable data reconstruction process.