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RDX Removable Disk Media

The RDX® Technology is a disk based removable media storage-system which offers the best of disk, like fast random access performance, high transfer rate and data reliability and the best of tape, like removability and portability, long archival life and affordability. It consists of a RDX drive and RDX media, which are fully forward and backward compatible.

RDX media is offered in three different versions:

  • HDD-based versions with capacities from 500GB to 5TB
  • WORM (write once, read many) media with capacities from 1TB to 4TB
Backup Standard

RDX is a backup standard in the SMB environment and already over 2.5 million RDX media have been shipped worldwide with a capacity of more than 1.2ExaByte. As Tandberg Data is the technology owner of RDX, also many major OEMs have decided to add the RDX technology into their portfolio.

Unique Media Design
  • Rugged, reliable and removable
  • Easy and unsophisticated handling
  • Never become obsolete with full forward and backward compatibility
  • Media qualification with business grade disk-drive selection processes

Below the two RDX media versions:

* HDD-based RDX® Media *

Backup, Restore and long term Archiving

The HDD-based media is ideal for backup, restore and long term archiving tasks. It is an affordable solution for SOHOs and smaller SMBs. With capacities from 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB to 4TB, 5TB the HDD-based RDX media fits perfect in every individual environment.

Backup and Recovery

If RDX is used as a backup and recovery device, as a rule of thumb, the capacity of RDX media chosen should be at least double the size of the capacity of data to be backed up. This includes the assumption of implementing an incremental backup strategy or using deduplication. RDX is supported by all major backup software vendors.

Long Term Archiving

A 10 years archival life and unlimited compatibility of drive- and media-generations are the best prerequisite for long term archiving of your data, like customer records, financial files or business documents, but also videos, photos or music.

Data Moving

The HDD-based RDX media is also best for storing, sharing and moving all business data. The rugged cartridge design makes it easy to distribute data by regular post or courier services from one office to the other.

A perfect fit

The HDD-based RDX media is a universal storage device, which fits in almost every application.

* RDX® WORM Media *

Archiving for Regulatory Compliance

media meets an expanded set of regulatory compliance requirements and is ideal for use with a large number of archiving applications, like enterprise content management and document management systems, where data must not be deleted or overwritten.

Professional IT departments have trusted in RDX technology as a reliable and affordable backup and disaster recovery solution for years. With , this technology can also be used as storage for regulatory compliance.

Semi-professional users can store and archive their photos and movies in an undeletable way as well as secure them against virus attacks with RDX WORM media.

Benefits of FileSystem WORM with RDX:

  • Meets regulatory compliance requirements: Data cannot be changed or deleted. Because of backward and forward compatibility, data can be accessed over years without changing hardware..
  • Field of applications:
    • Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM)
    • Document Management Systems (DMS)
    • Finance Data
    • Data Logging
    • Patient Files like PACS
    • Video and Voice recording
    • Documentation
  • Rugged, secure media: Drop resistant, electrostatic-proof, protected against dust
  • No change in workflow: Data is automatically stored in an unchangeable and undeletable manner. Data cannot be overwritten, but can be accessed and read without limitation.
  • No additional software: No additional software is needed to write data to the media compared with tape storage.
  • Full transparency to applications: The RDX WORM functionality is fully transparent for applications like archiving, document management systems and medical records archiving (e.g. PACS).
  • High transfer rates and fast data access: RDX enables archiving of large files and many small files. Because of random access, fast retrieval of data and documents is possible.
  • High capacity: RDX WORM offers capacities up to 4TB. This drastically reduces the number of media to be managed compared to optical media like CD, DVD and BluRay.
  • One RDX-media replaces up to 20 BluRay Disks: RDX is the ideal replacement for BluRay-disks or MO drives. Media management is a lot easier with fewer cartridges. In addition, RDX WORM data can be sequentially written on any number of times.

Enable WORM with

Integrating RDX WORM media is as easy as using conventional RDX technology. The Windows®-based software rdxLOCK enables the WORM functionality and manages read-/write-access. So, RDX WORM is transparent for archiving applications and document management solutions. Even files that are copied to the media via drag and drop are secured immediately by the WORM functionality.

(WORM functionality is not compatible with RDX Cartridge Encryptor Software.)


WORM (Write Once Read Many) refers to a technology that prevents data from being deleted, changed or overwritten. Files can be added and accessed as usual. WORM media is integrated into digital archiving applications and is primarily used to meet regulatory compliance requirements, where data must not be modified.