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  • Portfolio di soluzioni che coprono le esigenze dalla PMI alle aziende Enterprise
  • Soluzioni stand-alone di Tape e/o RDX BackUp
  • Assistenza postvendita completa
  • Sistemi per il backup automatizzato non presidiato

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Overland Storage

Overland Storage

LTO Media

LTO Ultrium Tape Media

Overland Tandberg has been renowned for its high-quality products for many years and Overland Tandberg media is subject to stringent quality controls and measurement in order to ensure quality and reliability.

LTO (Ultrium™), the most popular tape technology, is a high-performance tape technology offering versatility, reliability and performance.

Overland Tandberg Tape Media and storage products are the result of many years of joint development and continuous enhancements. This helps to meet the increasing capacity, performance and cost-efficiency demands. The industry-leading quality and reliability of our products is acknowledged by leading international OEM customers. Our partners are dependent on optimum data security for their mission critical data storage needs. Using Overland Tandberg branded media with Overland Tandberg branded storage products assures industry-leading performance and data security. Overland Tandberg media is always the right choice because it is designed to work with our products. To achieve and maintain the maximum benefit of your Overland Tandberg branded storage product, we recommend to use Overland Tandberg media cartridges with them.

Preview LTO Cartridge FamilyReliability
Use Overland Tandberg media to assure Overland Tandberg quality, allow users to perform complete backups and archive data for years.

Current LTO media products include:

  • LTO-5, LTO-6, LTO-7 & LTO-8  Data Cartridges
  • LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge