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Professional Rack Mount Kit for RDX QuikStor Drives

The Tandberg Data RDX QuadPAK provides an easy to use and highly affordable rackmount solution for RDX customers. The RDX QuadPAK allows up to 4 RDX external drives to be securely installed in a 19″ rack to simplify backup and restore operations. This enables RDX to coexist with other IT equipment like servers, disk systems and network components in one rack.


  • Professionality – Best value solution for utilizing RDX within a 19″ rack
  • Scalability – Install up to 4 RDX external drives, increasing capacity and performance
  • Flexibility – Serving multiple servers, establish media spanning and media rotation
  • Usability – Add or remove RDX drives in seconds, all screws and parts are accessible from the front
  • Compatibility – Compact design fully compatible with all 19″ racks, very slight depth (248mm, 9.45in)

RDX QuikStor Rack Mount Integration

When utilizing RDX drives in a datacenter, there was always the question where to place them into the existing server rack. So external RDX drives often have been arranged on top of the servers, where they could get out of place. Also cabling could not be properly installed. The QuadPAK 1.5U rack mount kit is the solution for integrating up to four external RDX USB 3.0 drives in a professional manner in your 19“ rack cabinet.

Multiple Servers, Media Spanning, Media Rotation

The RDX QuadPAK allows to install up to four servers with their own RDX drive for backup , disaster recovery or data exchange. Furthermore, the possibility to install multiple RDX drives enables enhanced functionalities like media spanning or media rotation. Backup can easily be extended to multiple media (if feature is supported in backup software). In addition also media rotation can be established. So backups could be performed on different media for disaster recovery without user interaction.