Edge Core

Edge Core

Mobile Networks

Mobile operators are rapidly building new capacity to respond to demands for new services and subscribers with existing 3G and 4G infrastructures, while planning for the introduction of 5G services. Open network solutions are ideal for this high volume cell site and cell site aggregation infrastructure, as the use of disaggregated, open hardware and software reduces operator costs, increases choice and quickens the pace of innovation. Edgecore Networks provides cell site gateways for deployment at cell sites or as first aggregation points for multiple cell sites, and deep buffer switches for aggregation within the mobile backhaul network. The Edgecore products offer a choice of open source and commercial software from partners to enable deployments meeting specific operator requirements.

Cell Site Gateway



The AS7316-26XB features 16 x 10G SFP+, 8 x 25G SFP28 and 2 x 100G QSFP28 fixed ports,

with all switch ports and console/management/ToD/BITS/1PPS/10MHz ports being located on the front panel.


DCSG is a 1RU fully-featured cell site router with a wide range of Ethernet connectivity options for client and network sides. As a cell site gateway, DCSG supports Layer-2, Layer-3 and MPLS features – with native time synchronization protocols such as IEEE-1588 v2 and Synchronous Ethernet for the mobile base stations.

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