Edge Core presenta il nuovo L2 GIGABIT ETHERNET ACCESS/AGGREGATION PoE Switch: ECS4120-28P

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The Edgecore ECS4120-28P switch is a Gigabit Ethernet PoE access switch with four 10G uplink ports. The four built-in 10G SFP+ ports provide uplink flexibility, allowing the insertion of fiber or copper, Gigabit or 10G transceivers, to create up to 10 Gbps high-speed uplinks to servers or service provider, corporate, or campus networks, reducing bottlenecks and increasing the performance of the access network.


Technical specification:
Ports: 24
Switch Type: Fixed Port
Routing/Switching: Layer 2 plus
Features: PoE – IPv6 Management
Predominant Port Type: Gigabit Copper
  • Comprehensive QoS – The ECS4120-28P offers advanced QoS for marking, classification, and scheduling to deliver best-in-class performance for data, voice, and video traffic at wire speed.
  • Robust Multicast Control – IGMP snooping prevents the flooding of multicast traffic by dynamically configuring switch ports so that multicast traffic is forwarded to only those ports associated with an IP multicast receiver.
  • Private VLANs and Multicast VLAN Registration – Multicast VLANs are shared in the network, while subscribers remain in separate VLANs.
  • IPv6 Support – The switch supports a number of IPv6 features, including IPv6 Management, DCHPv6 Snooping with Option 37, IPv6 Source Guide, and MVR6.
  • Service Monitoring and Management – The ECS4120-28P supports IEEE 802.1ag and ITU-T Y.1731, allowing service providers to monitor end-to-end services, identify connectivity and performance issues, and isolate problems from a remote location without dispatching an engineer onsite.
  • Superior Management – An industry-standard command-line interface (CLI), accessed through the console port or Telnet, provides a familiar user interface and command set for users to manage the switch.
  • Virtual Private Networks – The ECS4120-28P supports Layer 2 VPNs by using Q-in-Q functions, where an 802.1Q tag from a customer VLAN (called CE-VLAN ID) is encapsulated in a second 802.1Q tag from a service-provider network (called an SP-VLAN ID).
  • The ECS4120-28P can provide up to 30 Watts of power to attached devices, such as VoIP phones, wireless access points, and surveillance cameras etc, all over existing Cat. 5 cables. The PoE Power Budget is 400W.


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