Qsan Launches New Affordable and Reliable SMB Unified Storage TrioNAS U120

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Taipei, Taiwan, 20 Mar. 2015 – Qsan has launched TrioNAS U120 today, which is 1U 4-bay unified storage system. TrioNAS U120 serves the best as a start off selection for entry level storage units. Apart from being very affordable and cost effective, the U120 also comes with easy management interface as well as enterprise level design and features that enhance system reliability, such as redundant power supply, ZFS file system, and snapshot capability. Thin-provisioning is also provided on U120 for dynamic capacity allocation, which is helpful for IT admins to plan and manage storage space more efficient and avoid unnecessary waste of resource. Furthermore, U120 also supports local/remote replication, which can be used for backup and disaster recovery purposes. “TrioNAS U120 is an ideal product for department purchase. It’s compact, reliable and flexible to meet small company or departmental expansion needs. “ says Daniel Lin, director of sales in Qsan.


Unified storage with simple management 
TrioNAS combines NAS and IP-based iSCSI SAN in one box. Unified storage can help consolidate your IT infrastructure and reduce hardware expenses. You only need one file server for SMB, NFS, AFP, FTP and WebADV. TrioNAS delivers outstanding integration of Windows Active Directory & LDAP for IT administrators to easily manage accounts. And don’t need the RAID initialization by using our instant readiness storage capacity. There all helps them to effectively manage their IT infrastructures with minimum effort.

ZFS system/ redundant power supply 
Qsan is incorporating enterprise-level ZFS file systems to ensure data consistency and avoid the file system crashes which are common in many legacy Linux EXT4-based NAS solutions. Beside, U120 is designed by redundant power supply which can also protect your value data.

Thin Provisioning
Thin provisioning allows just-in-time capacity and allocates storage space that does not exist. You can delay the hard drive purchase when necessary.

TrioNAS U120 supports snapshot for both file-level and block-level. When things like virus attack and accidental deletion or modification happens, file-level snapshot helps IT administrator to retrieve a file as easy as browsing through a directory. Or in block-level, using copy-on-write technology, differential data are recorded between two given points in time. You can rollback the snapshot to a certain point in time in the past or clone the snapshot to become an independent folder/ LUN.

Remote replication
TrioNAS supports both Rsync and block-level snapshot-based replication function. Both of them are asynchronous. Remote replication task can be created for folders and LUNs. Only differential data at block level will be replicated to achieve maximum efficiency.


About Qsan
Qsan Technology was founded in 2004 by a group of experienced engineers who wanted to build top-notch storage systems. With outstanding performance, completed data protection, and smart data management, Qsan’s storage systems will be the worldwide best without compromise.

Qsan storage solutions have been deployed globally and trusted by organizations’ businesses of all sizes and locations; furthermore, Qsan is a recognized global leader in the storage industry and the leading developer of data management and protection. Our customers can focus on building their business with award-winning data storage product lines combined with dedicated global service and support from Qsan Technology.

We first designed an iSCSI RAID controller. The resulting P100C was the first iSCSI RAID controller launched in 2005. In 2009, we launched P500Q, the first 10G iSCSI redundant RAID controller system. With QiSOE offload engine design, Qsan resolved the latency challenge for 10G iSCSI, and brought iSCSI to high availability applications. In 2012, Qsan received Computex Best Choice for U600Q TrioNAS LX storage systems. With completed product portfolio, including iSCSI, Fibre Channel, Hybrid SAN, NAS, and Unified storage systems, Qsan provides total and best price-performance solutions for SME.