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EonStor DS 4000


The EonStor DS 4000 series heralds the arrival of a brand new generation of RAID excellence from Infortrend, delivering superb performance and flexibility to ensure you get truly unmitigated return on your investment.

Best for:

  • High demand applications: media editing, databases, and VDI
  • Diverse environments that require hybrid interfaces
  • Businesses and enterprises keen on long term scalability
Massive performance boost
Complete 12Gb/s SAS integration
Systems provide up to 11,000MB/s read and 4,200MB/s write, a massive step up from mid-range storage standards. This performance easily accommodates bandwidth-hungry applications, ensuring you are prepared to take on challenges for data-intensive applications.
EonStor DS 4000 systems fully utilize 12Gb/s SAS technology for drive and host sides without compromising performance due to bandwidth bottlenecks. Even the drive side for compatible JBODs features 12Gb/s SAS.
Innovative dual host board design
Emergency backup power
The EonStor DS 4000 series vastly augments storage network speed and flexibility with dual host boards. Beyond wider bandwidth, it enables hybrid combinations of Fibre Channel (up to 16Gb/s), SAS (up to 12Gb/s), and iSCSI (up to 10Gb/s) for diverse connectivity previously unavailable on mid-range enterprise storage solutions.
EonStor DS 4000 systems include super capacitors with a flash module to keep essential data safe for extended periods of time should prolonged power outages occur. Super capacitors require no maintenance and last the life of the system.
Convenient scalability
Fully SSD optimized
With 12Gb/s SAS connectivity to compatible Infortrend JBOD enclosures, EonStor DS 4000 systems support up to 436 drives. They support large individual disks, giving you access to massive capacities as needed and enabling future growth.
Starting with hybrid drive trays (2.5”/3.5”), systems empower a smooth transition to SSD. They support SSD Cache technology, which allocates the hottest data to a high speed cache pool with up to 16X more read IOPS and 88% lower latency. Automated storage tiering is also supported, making the most of SSD speed and HDD capacity.
Comprehensive data and security services
EonStor DS 4000 systems support self-encrypting drives (SED) for virtually unbreakable security. For disaster recovery, the series supports secure remote replication. Standard services include snapshot, thin provisioning, volume copy/mirror, and IDR (Intelligent Drive Recovery) technology to improve media scan and timely drive cloning.

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