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EonStor DS 3000T


EonStor DS 3000T RAID systems build on successful and proven EonStor DS 3000 series architecture and feature a turbo mode that accelerates system performance to remove performance bottlenecks.They realize the advantages of SSD, using hybrid 2.5″/3.5″ drive trays and available in small form factor (SFF) 2U 24-bay chassis, which are ideal for all-SSD storage. In addition to faster hardware, they offer SSD-dedicated data services, including SSD Cache, multi-level automated storage tiering, and SSD wear level indication.

Why EonStor DS 3000T storage systems?
Extreme high performance, ideal for VDI, MS Exchange and database
Multiple and flexible SSD solutions for your various demands
Modular and hybrid host design for your future business growth
Accelerate performance with turbo mode

EonStor DS 3000T systems feature a high performance turbo mode, hence the T suffix in model names. They are capable of up to 1.3M IOPS, with a read/write bandwidth of 5,500MB/s and 1,900MB/s, respectively. These are massive performance figures for mid-range storage priced for easy deployment at SMBs and enterprises.

Handle read-heavy tasks with SSD Cache

Up to eight SSDs per system can be used to create a high speed SSD cache pool that boosts read IOPS by 2.5 times compared to identical systems that do not have the feature enabled. Infortrend SSD Cache can detect the most important data and applications and automatically place them in the SSD cache pool for priority read performance.

Leverage SSDs and HDDs with automated storage tiering

EonStor DS 3000T systems support up to 4-level automated storage tiering, which intelligently sorts data and applications based on hotness and places them on the most appropriate drive type. While designed for all-SSD storage, EonStor DS 3000T systems allow users to fully leverage SSD speed for the most vital data and more affordable NL-SAS or SATA drives for archived content.

Providing a full range of data services

Systems include snapshot, thin provisioning, and IDR (Intelligent Drive Recovery) technology to provide diverse backup and data integrity facilities. They also support secure remote replication for disaster recovery and are compatible with self-encrypting drives (SEDs) to ensure utmost security. All features are easily accessible through the intuitive SANWatch browser-based interface.

Ready for demands with modular and flexible design

Choose from various host interface options, with support for hybrid hosts. Options include 16Gb/s or 8Gb/s Fibre Channel, 12Gb/s or 6Gb/s SAS, and 10Gb/s iSCSI hosts. You can opt for single or dual controller configurations, with form factors that include 2U 24-bay, 2U 12-bay, 3U 16-bay, 4U 48-bay, and 4U 60-bay. For scalability, up to 360 drives can be connected to each system via compatible JBOD enclosures.

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