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The XCubeNAS series is a next generation, high performance, efficiency and security NAS system which is designed for SMB and enterprise applications. The XCubeNAS operating system is the brand new, and entirely reimagined QSM 3 brings the enterprise level features into the Workgroup and SMB storage.  QSM  3 supports  comprehensive enterprise-level storage features including SSD caching,  thin provisioning,  auto-tiering, data deduplication and data compression that transforms the efficiency of every resource to bring you commercial value.

 Innovative (N+E) Hybrid Storage Capacity                                 

Additional 2.5 inch small form factor are provided in order to enable advanced features without sacrificing storage capacity. As well as SATA SSD, we have additional  NVMe  SSD slots delivering lightning speeds  (32Gb/s). In addition to being used for SSD caching for boosting data access performance, our auto-tiering architecture can be utilized to offer a complete ongoing optimization.

Leading Enterprise-level NAS Operating System

QSM 3 (QSAN Storage Manager 3) is an innovative storage operating system designed for QSAN XCubeNAS products. Based- on Linux and 128-bit ZFS (Zeta-byte File System), QSM 3 not only inherits the outstanding native features of ZFS but also adjust with several bespoke optimization enhancements that make the XCubeNAS series a high-performance, efficient and superior network attached storage device.

Meanwhile, by implying ZFS, QSM guarantees integrity and security of the most valuable asset, data, and the built-in checksum mechanism can automatically correct corrupted data. A wide range of supported RAID types, file and block level snapshots and various backup solution support ensures that data are always well-protected.   By supporting AES-256 pool encryption, WORM, and SED drive, QSM 3 can prevent confidential data from being either stolen or modified. Moreover, QSM 3 utilizes every resource to succeed in data efficiency. Data deduplication and compression technology reduce storing duplicate data blocks and files to maximize storage capacity, making the XCubeNAS capable of storing beyond its raw storage capacity.

QSM 3 effectively addresses the performance demands of various applications. The SSD caching boosts up data access speed. Also, analyzing data by access frequency lets auto-tiering help you fetch frequently used files even faster. Value-added functionalities such as virtualization capability, multiple server centre, centralized file station, etc. are also provided making QSM 3 robust and able to carry out dedicated applications.

Value-added functionalities such as virtualization capability, multiple server centre, centralized file station etc. are also provided that making QSM 3.0 even robust and being able to carry out dedicated applications.


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