Qsan Technology Inc è lieta di annunciare che tutti i suoi prodotti di Data Storage ottengono la certifica per VMware vSphere 6.0

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Qsan Technology Inc, the professional network storage provider of iSCSI SAN, Fibre Channel SAN & Unified Storage, today announced that Qsan all products fully support VMware® vSphere 6.0 platform. With integration of the cutting-edge VAAI technologies, our SAN series offering both iSCSI and Fibre Channel interfaces and NAS unified storage series deliver even better performance and better efficiency in VMware virtual server environments.

The complete VAAI support can greatly offload IO from ESXi server to storage systems by reducing the redundant IO paths, overheads and server CPU cycles. In addition, there are tremendous performance and efficiency gains by better integration with hardware and the speeding up of provisioning new virtual machines. Also, the VAAI support significantly increases VM density by the improved scalability and reliability.

“Qsan has its complete product lines passed VMware vSphere 6.0 tests in the shortest time possible, in order to provide the latest and better security mechanism.” said Daniel Lin, Sales director at Qsan. “VMware vSphere 6.0 enhances data protection and replications, to ensure that customers have a better protection to avoid disasters occur in VMware virtualized environments.”

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Through integration with VAAI, VMware host is now able to pass the I/O processes that highly occupy CPU resources to the storage arrays connected at the backend and the system resource can be released for resources demanding VMs and applications on top of the VMs. Thus the performance of the storage array itself appears to be more and more important for handling the workloads passed from VMware host via VAAI instantly. Powered by Intel® Xeon CPU, AegisSAN LX offers outstanding IOPS and throughputs. With hardware RAID and QiSOE, the 6Gb/s SAS AegisSAN LX storage systems best meet the critical business requirements to process huge amounts of IO.

Apart from the basic three options in VAAI: HW Assisted Locking, Full Copy and Block Zero, the latest firmware from Qsan also provides QThin (Qsan thin provision) feature so that the VAAI thin provisioning function has also been integrated.

TrioNAS LX, Qsan’s business-class unified storage, provides generic NAS data sharing across multiple platforms, as well as block device access possibility available from iSCSI/FC SAN units. TrioNAS LX incorporate enterprise-level ZFS file systems to ensure data consistency and avoid the file system crashes which are common in many legacy Linux EXT4-based NAS solutions. Beside, all Qsan NAS products are now VMware Ready certified. Support for VAAI for block will begin to be available through various models and VAAI for NAS will also be supported in the near future to provide an even better integration between TrioNAS and VMware products.

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