Canadian Explosives Research Laboratory choose Perle Ethernet Extenders


Perle eX-S1110 Gigabit Ethernet Extenders provide 330m safety perimeter during explosive field test

NASHVILLE, TN—April 21, 2015 —Perle Systems, a global manufacturer of advanced Ethernet over Fiber and secure devGigabit Ethernet Extenderice networking solutions, reveals that the Canadian Explosives Research Laboratory selected Perle Ethernet Extenders to provide services at a safe distance from explosive field tests.

The project was to test a new pump used in the mining industry to pump emulsion explosives into boreholes for blasting. During the test the pump would contain 20kg of high explosives. If the test failed, metal shrapnel would be lethal for a 1km radius.

Canadian Explosives Research Laboratory Network Diagram

We needed to test the new pump to ensure it would not explode if anything went wrong,” explains Lorne McCauley, Explosives Technologist at Canadian Explosives Research Laboratory. “Needless to say, I did not want to be anywhere near this pump if it blew.”

Lorne continues, “I built a network with a slave computer on site and a remote computer in a reinforced building 330 metres away through a forest. All feeds went to, and were controlled by, the master computer.  I used the Perle Ethernet Extenders to connect the remote computer to the master. As soon as they were turned on, the comms came right up. I can’t say that for all of the equipment. I’m very happy with the performance and functionality of Perle Ethernet Extenders. They made me look like I knew what I was doing.”

For complete details, read the full Canadian Explosives Research Laboratory case study.

About Natural Resources Canada –

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is a federal government department specializing in the sustainable development and use of natural resources, energy, minerals and metals, forests, and earth sciences. At NRCan, we deal with natural resource issues that are important to Canadians.

The CANMET Canadian Explosives Research Laboratory (CERL), part of the Explosives Branch of Natural Resources Canada, is the only Canadian government laboratory dealing with commercial explosives and equipment for use in hazardous locations, and one of the few in the world. If used unwisely or improperly, explosives can be extremely dangerous. Much of the work at CERL is aimed at protecting Canadians by improving the safety of explosives during manufacture, transportation and use, and by reducing the harmful effects of explosions.


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